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Mac Explains Autism to children

Our cartoon character Mac explains autism for younger children. Mac also has downloadable workbooks in this section.

Viewing time: 4 mins

Child's Worksheet

This worksheet has been designed to help explain autism to younger children. Mac will give examples of difficulties a person with autism might experience, and also provides ways in which the child can assist the individual.

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Mac Explains Autism (for children)

Hi my name is Mac


I’m here to talk to you about Autism


Have you heard of it?


What do you think AUTISM is?


Let me explain a little bit about autism


We all have things we’re good at.


And some things that we’re not so good at.


Can you think of some things that you are good at?


Maybe you can think of somethings you find difficult too?


If we were all good at the same things it would be a little boring! Right?


So because we are all good at different things, we can help each other.


Have you ever helped someone with something they found difficult?


Just like everyone else, people with Autism are good at some things and find other things difficult.


They can have great memories, or be really good at art or maths or science. They can be good at lots of things!


Sometimes people with Autism can find it difficult to talk to other people


And can sometimes find it hard to know what to do when around other people.


Sometimes they can find it difficult to say what they want to say, or express their feelings.


Sometimes people with autism can also find it difficult to understand how other people feel, and know how to respond.


You can help them by telling them how you’re feeling and why you feel that way.


Can you guess how each of my friends are feeling?


People with autism use computers, tablets and phones to help them communicate


Or they can use their hands. This is called sign language


Can you think of any other ways someone can communicate?


Sometimes people with Autism can say things that might be very honest, but they don’t mean to hurt your feelings.


They may also repeat what you say.


They’re not being rude or trying to tease you.


People with Autism can find it difficult to learn social rules. Social rules are the rules that we use when playing with other people.


They may behave in ways that seem naughty to you, but they are not trying to be naughty or hurt your feelings.


They may not understand that what they are doing is wrong.


You can ask an adult to help you explain the right thing to do, and why it is important.


You can also invite them to join in your games, as they may not understand how to ask to join in.


People with autism can find it difficult to stay calm because there sensory system gets overloaded.


Sensory stuff is all around us. We see, hear, feel it. It’s the information our body takes from the world.


This can make it hard for people with autism to cope in busy or noisy places as all the sensory stuff comes at them at once.


It can be confusing or overwhelming.


Are there any sounds that bother you?


How would you feel if it was happening and you couldn’t get away and couldn’t explain how you felt?


If you see a person with autism becoming upset and confused, you can ask them if they would like to go to a quiet place. This can make them feel calmer.


Be sure to tell an adult where you are going though!


We have listed a few ways that you can help a person with autism, can you remember what they are?


You can download Mac’s worksheet and fill in the answers


Well done!   Great Job…

Author: Laura Crowley - Director of Educational Support Services
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